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Conformal Multi-Band Antenna

Patent #US10938105B2

  • Obviates typical radome barriers to entry
    • No additional aero loads, conformal to skin
    • No birdstrike, no lightning, no operational burdens
    • No constraint on size, trades aperture efficiency for aperture area


  • Ameliorates typical ESA shortcoming
            • Low power/low thermal
            • No high-cost/high part count distributed RFIC’s
            • Simple PCB/SMT componentry & manufacturing processes
  • Unencumbered by Contemporary Hybrid limitations
            • High reliability/graceful degradation
            • Maximum return on complexity savings
            • No “new physics”
  • Multiband capable
        • Modular tile approach scalable across all airframes
        • Full Ku Tx/Rx and K band Rx on single tile, Ka Tx tiles interspersed
        • Area can be allocated as required

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