On Wing | On Orbit | On Time

System Engineering & Subject Matter Expertise

  • Bespoke IFEC Terminal and LRU Design
  • Requirements definition & flowdown
  • Apertures, gimbals, power supply units
  • COTS or Near-COTS RF frequency translation/amplification integration
  • Radome wall structure analysis and shaping for aero loads
  • Link/Coverage analyses
  • Full-wave high frequency RF analysis
  • RF and Mixed Signal PCB design
  • STC and Installation Design guidance

Product Acceleration to Market

  • LRU DO-160 qualification test plan development
  • Pre-qualification screening, "Last Mile" engineering, and witnessed qualification testing
  • System Integration & Test
  • Mobility Test Platform development and test execution
  • Prototype installation and initial deployment support
  • Radome material qualification

Highly Specialized Test Capabilities

  • Radome and aperture performance characterization
  • Phased array calibration and temperature compensation
  • Mobility testing
  • Electromagnetic Interference characterization
  • Application-specific RF production testing & tooling
  • Airborne/Spaceborne reliability growth testing
  • Pre-deployment flight testing
  • Witnessed qual test execution
  • Radome material qualification guidance

Sustaining Support

  • Flight data analytics and visualization
  • On-Wing flight test support
  • Prototype installation support
  • Production installation support
  • Installation manual and ICA development
  • Installation test procedures and equipment
  • MRO support
  • Obsolescence, Refurbishment, and upgrade programs

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