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Diplexed Reactive Pad (DRP)

Anderson Connectivity’s Diplexed Reactive Pad (DRP) gives SatCom system integrators the ability to standardize their terminal hardware across a myriad of platforms.  Many commercially available terminal components (e.g. modems, upconverters, downconverters) have limited ranges of linearity, imposing constraints on installation locations and interconnect losses at intermediate and reference frequencies.  The DRP offers Select-At-Install flexibility, so that the right amount of attenuation can be selected for the platform specific integration.  The DRP preserves reference frequency propagation between modems and frequency conversion equipment, while offering a selectable range of attenuation for the intermediate frequencies to ensure linearity and maximum Mod/Cod points.  Suitable for Airborne, Maritime, and Land Mobile use, the DRP is the integrator’s choice for seamless deployment – another reason why we ARE connectivity Done Right.  Done Now.

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