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Configurable Anechoic Chamber

Configurable Anechoic Chamber

  • L-band through Ka-band
  • 8” pyramidal absorber
  • Hard stands & production tooling
  • Configurable to accommodate a wide variety of EUT Dimensions
Flexible workstations

Flexible ESD Workstations

  • Wire/Harness assembly
  • SMT rework
  • In-process and Acceptance Testing
  • Anechoic chamber staging and prep

Measurement Equipment & Analysis Tools

  • Nearfield System 5' x 5' Planar Near Field System
  • Tenney T30C Thermal Chamber
  • HP/Agilent RF Equipment
  • Ideal Aerosmith 1291BR Precision Rate Table
  • HFSS
  • Altium
  • Solidworks

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