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Job Posting – Material Manager

Material Manager

As a Material Manager, you will responsible for purchasing, receiving, storage, issuance and control of parts, materials and tooling and for properly packaging and shipping articles to customers.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee will be required to lift and carry up to 20 pounds.  You must be able to verbally communicate with management in spoken and written English and read and execute work instructions written in English.

This is a full-time office position, located on the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida.   Work schedule is typically Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with flexible hours available.  This position regularly requires long hours and frequent weekend work.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Responsible for knowing where the current Capability Lists are posted and for checking, on a regular basis, the articles being added or removed from that list.
• Responsible for ensuring the purchase orders for maintenance function services meet the requirements of Maintenance Function Purchase Orders.
• Responsible for reviewing their Employment Summary and working within the authorities and limitations depicted on the Repair Station Roster.
• Responsible for immediately notifying the Quality Manager of personnel change that would affect the repair station roster.
• Responsible for forwarding any technical and maintenance data received through his department to the Document Control Manager.
• Responsible for ensuring vendors are appropriately approved as contract maintenance function vendors before maintenance function purchase orders are issued and ensuring all information required as outlined in the RSQM is on the purchase order.
• Responsible for ensuring tools, tooling, equipment, and test apparatus used in maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations are properly purchased, received, maintained, stored and recalibrated.
• Responsible for ensuring purchase orders for leased or borrowed equipment contain the information required by the RSQM.
• Serves as backup to the Quality Manager for ensuring that the calibration tracking procedure is properly followed.
• Responsible for ensuring that any test equipment or tool used to make an airworthiness determination is appropriately labeled and within its calibration time limits.
• Responsible for ensuring repair station vendors are approved before purchase orders are issued.
• Responsible for ensuring the preservation and storage of all articles, materials, parts, tools, tooling, equipment and test apparatus and supplies while they are carried in inventory.
• Responsible for periodically checking the shelf life expectancy of units and for verifying the units are labeled and stored correctly.
• Responsible for initial receipt of articles to be maintained and for notifying the Maintenance Manager of their receipt.
• Responsible for ensuring any customer information regarding life limited parts is communicated to the Maintenance Manager.
• Responsible for ensuring articles rejected during receiving, shipping and returned by customers are handled in accordance with the RSQM.
• Responsible for ensuring parts/materials being returned to inventory are properly stored and accounted for to ensure preservation of product and conforming material availability.
• Responsible for ensuring proper purchase and storage of replacement identification plates.
• Responsible for proper segregation and control while the articles are in storage.
• Responsible for ensuring that articles are packaged and shipped to specifications defined in customer contracts and/or purchase orders.
• Responsible for completing any record required by 14 CFR and they shall do so truthfully and in accordance with its instructions set forth in the Forms Manual.
• Responsible for timely responses to audit discoveries and implementation of any corrective actions or improvements.
• All Employees are responsible for the control, security and legibility of their assigned signature stamp.
• All Employees are responsible for ensuring their training records are up to date.
• All Employees are responsible for maintaining the security of the premises and their badges and security access.



• Must be legally able to work in the United States
• Valid drivers license
• High School Diploma or GED
• Ability to read and write in English
• Must be capable of getting a valid passport issued.


• Experience performing through hole and SMT soldering operations
• Awareness of 14CFR Part 145 operational requirements.
• Awareness of AS9100 operational requirements
• Familiar with the documentation required for receipt of civil aviation articles that will be used in the performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance and alteration
• Thoroughly familiar with the applicable regulations, the RSQM, the Training Program Manual, the Forms Manual and its documents with respect to the duties assigned.


• Must be able to read, write and speak in English.
• Proficiency with MS Office Suite and data entry software.
• Effectively communicate issues and resolutions to subordinates as well as management in a professional manner.
• Basic knowledge and use of standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Required Training

• Anderson Connectivity Indoc Training (Course Number 05050)
• 145 Operations Indoc Training (Courser Number 05035)
• AS9100 Operations Indoc Training (Course Number 05001)
• Materials Manager Indoc Training (Course Number 05044)