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Introducing the KPSU-Lite

Anderson Connectivity’s KPSU Provides ARINC 792-Compliant Power and Isolation for Efficient Flat Panel ESA’s



·100% compliant with the ARINC 792 mechanical interface & electrical connector/pin arrangements
·Designed for DO-160G

Signal Protection Modules include:
·ARINC 429 Inertial Navigation System data
·Modem or Aircraft Discrete Signals
·100BaseT Ethernet Switch
·ANSI/TIA/EIA-485 and ANSI/TIA/EIA-422 input and outputs, with optional standard conversion

“The KPSU-Lite is focused on providing OEM’s and System Integrators a cost-effective, qualifiable, near-COTS solution for emerging ARINC 792 IFEC systems. It offers a direct benefit for the airlines in terms of Life Cycle Cost, and allows the OEM’s and System Integrators to focus on their core competencies and design to a common interface.”
-Brian Anderson, President of Anderson Connectivity

Smaller and Lighter than ARINC 792 Allocations

At half the height of a standard KPSU chassis and weighing only 9.0 pounds, the KPSU-Lite supplies up to 400W of clean, filtered, and isolated DC power in accordance with ARINC 792’s Single-Phase KPSU embodiment.


Innovation in Signal Protection

The KPSU-Lite contains a variety of Signal Protection Modules (SPM’s) to isolate signals coming from other LRU’s and/or aircraft systems and condition them for use by Outside Antenna Equipment.



Environmentally Rated and Simple to Integrate

All components, including the isolated AC/DC converter, associated input and output filtering, and Signal Protection Modules have environmentally rated components and retention, coordinated and layered EMI control measures, and heritage with previously qualified and deployed products designed and
produced by Anderson Connectivity.

The KPSU-Lite is an ARINC 792 compliant Ku/Ka-band Power Supply Unit intended to provide power for effcient flat-panel Electronically Steered Antennas.