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In demanding Field Service and Line Maintenance environments, agility and accuracy are crucial.  The Muxillator brings Engineers and Technicians the capability to evaluate deployed SatCom systems in-situ, improving performance and minimizing downtime.  Signal chain validation, linearity, spurious analysis, ACPR measurements, SNR and other Key Performance parameter assessments, may be moved to Edge of Service, for faster, more relevant insight of actionable data.

Key Features

  • Simplifies diagnostics in Field Service/Line Maintenance environments
  • Multiplexes 50MHz REF and Intermediate Frequency signals between Rx/Tx and antenna
  • Precision 10MHz OXCO to discipline outboard test equipment and internal 50MHz REF oscillator
  • Compact, portable, rugged and lightweight

The Details

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical/Electrical Interfaces

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