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Connectivity Antenna System

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Anderson Connectivity is in the technology demonstrator and prototype phases of a next generation connectivity system with the objective of providing optimal price performance ratios through the implementation of active reflectarray electronic apertures.

The system is a hybrid combination of reflector and flat panel architectures with advantages from both approaches. A common feed including traditional block up and down conversion illuminates a modular array of tiles. These low-profile tiles conform to the installation surface and replace the function of a reflector with agile high resolution beam forming capability. Power is kept to a minimum with the reduction of RF processing on individual tiles that are spatially combined.

The maximum effective aperture of the antenna is unencumbered by the construction space of existing radome enclosures due to the conformal and low-profile geometry. This allows for significantly larger systems that not only compensate for minimal aperture processing, but are capable of driving down the cost per bit and addressing the flexibility of future market needs. There is no substitute for area.

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