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Targeted Designs, Practical Hardware, and Focused Repair

FAA Part 145 Repair Station

Limited Airframe & Limited Accessory
We are authorized to perform Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, and Alterations at the Airframe and Article level for items on our Capabilities List, including Installation, Removal, Repair and Replacement of LRU’s and SRU’s with the appropriate airworthiness release.

Work Away from Fixed Location
We are authorized to perform any work on our Operations Specification and Capabilities list at remote locations, including customer facilities and MRO hangars.

Specializing in airborne and spaceborne Connectivity systems and components from L-band through Ka-band

  • Antenna Apertures
  • RF distribution and Amplification Components
  • Gimbals and Control Systems
  • Gyros, IMU’s, AHRS
  • ESA’s
  • Power Supply Units

Equivalent Methods and Practices Development

  • Legacy or Unsupported Equipment
  • Parts Equivalency
  • Parts Recovery

Competitive pricing and unbeatable turnaround time

Anderson Connectivity Measuring

AS9100D / FAA Part 21 Manufacturing

  • Full Parts traceability through AS9100D approved Quality Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning tools
  • Production Approval (PMA) with airworthiness releases
  • PMA-Assist under our AS9100D production model & QMS
  • J-STD and IPC certified technicians (safety, tools, ESD, wire and assembly)
  • Production tooling & In-process Test Set development & fab
  • Scalable manufacturing facilities co-located with Engineering in MLB FL

Highly Specialized Test Capabilities

  • Radome and aperture performance characterization
  • Phased array calibration and temperature compensation
  • Mobility testing
  • Electromagnetic Interference characterization
  • Application-specific RF production testing & tooling
  • Airborne/Spaceborne reliability growth testing
  • Pre-deployment flight testing

Design Services

  • System Engineering & Subject Matter Expertise
    • Bespoke IFEC Terminal and LRU Design
      • Requirements definition & flowdown
      • Apertures, gimbals, power supply units
      • COTS or Near-COTS RF frequency translation/amplification integration
      • Radome wall structure analysis and shaping for aero loads
    • Link/Coverage analyses
    • Full-wave high frequency RF analysis
    • RF and Mixed Signal PCB design
    • STC and Installation Design guidance
  • Product Acceleration to Market
    • LRU DO-160 qualification test plan development
    • Pre-qualification screening, "Last Mile" engineering, and witnessed qualification testing
    • System Integration & Test
    • Mobility Test Platform development and test execution
    • Prototype installation and initial deployment support
    • Radome material qualification
  • Sustaining Support
    • Flight data analytics and visualization
    • On-Wing flight test support
    • Obsolescence, Refurbishment, and upgrade programs
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Systems engineering & subject matter expertise

Experience to Deliver