Anderson Connectivity offers targeted designs, practical hardware, and focused repair.

Our expertise and customer commitment are our livelihood. Whether augmenting an existing engineering staff, providing specialized technical expertise, producing reliable & cost effective products, or offering timely and accurate antenna repair services, Anderson Connectivity offers our customers flexible and competitive alternatives for antenna system performance analysis, new product design & development, manufacturing services , and antenna system repair capabilities.

Beginning with creative ideas and innovative concepts, and continuing through trade study, exhaustive design, analysis, and testing, we ensure that our solutions are marketable, manufacturable, and maintainable to reduce development and life-cycle costs for our clients.

Anderson Connectivity Facilities2

Services Offered:

  • IFEC antenna system LRU inspection, test, and repair
  • Development of Approved Data for STC, PMA, and 145 projects
  • Subject Matter Expert consultation for all aspects of IFEC and SatCom
  • End-to-end deployed system assessment & performance optimization
  • Radome, aperture, gimbal, flat panel, RF component and LRU design, qualification, substantiation, test, and repair
  • AS9100D accredited production and material planning

Experience to Deliver