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Team Leadership

With unparalleled expertise, encompassing decades of airborne and spaceborne experience in MilGov & Commercial aerospace platforms, we provide agile, multidisciplinary capabilities that anticipate market needs.  Our broad patent and intellectual property heritage, predominantly focused on phased array technologies.  We have been delivering transformational airborne satcom solutions since before IFEC was an industry.   Our team provides sound execution, with right-sized requirements, that drive a minimum viable product to market.

Brian Anderson

Brian has been a pioneer and leader in antenna system design and development for IFEC for more than 20+ years. Starting as an antenna engineer at Harris, he joined LiveTV and was instrumental in launching the first domestic satellite-based television product for jetBlue Airways. Throughout his career, he led all phases of the antenna system life-cycle from qualification and installation through maintenance & repair, which prepared him to launch Anderson Connectivity.

Chris Snyder

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the design, development, and testing of enabling technologies for the communications, remote sensing, and electronic warfare markets. While primarily rooted in theory and analysis, his extensive application of assembly and manufacturing processes has provided a practical emphasis to projects and made success possible. He is listed on 30+ patents specific to antenna applications and cutting-edge technology advancement.

Stephen Meyer

Steve has over 15 years of experience in mechanical design, centered around antenna and RF integrated packaging. He has extensive development and design experience in airborne, terrestrial and maritime applications.  His special emphasis on passing DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 requirements, makes him a crucial part of our team.  As head of operations, he wears many hats including mechanical design, product development, and production management that drive our products to market.


Leveraging our heritage of innovation, we continue to shape future of Connectivity, today.  Our technologies, products and services anticipate the needs of our customers and our markets, and our crisp execution accelerates the embodiment of elegant hardware solutions for existing and proliferating satellite constellations.