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Anderson Connectivity’s Winnow™ product line brings edge computing to 30,000 feet!  With the proliferation of data generated by IFEC and other on-board systems, Operators,  Integrators, and Service Providers require timely, actionable insight to their product’s performance.  High-powered Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s) central to the Winnow architecture enable on-wing inferencing of Big Data trained models,  identifying meaningful patterns in real-time.  System maintenance becomes prognostic instead of diagnostic, increasing uptime and improving passenger experience.  Bandwidth utilization may be monitored real-time to enable dynamic allocation of network resources.   Video and non-contact thermal imaging extend airport security surveillance beyond the jet bridge, affording in-flight crew and TSA personnel real-time intelligence. The small form factor Winnow Minnow may be used as an adjunct to existing systems, whereas the Winnow Barracuda functions as a full-blown “server in the sky” system controller/edge processor.  The Winnow family of airborne GPU’s – backhaul the rock, not the quarry.


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