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New brand name debut for Anderson Connectivity

Anderson Contract Engineering has debuted its new brand name for IFEC antenna MRO services, Anderson Connectivity, as the company aims to broaden its services, technology, design and engineering offerings in the aviation marketplace.

Anderson Connectivity, based in Apopka, Florida, has served the industry in the design and development of antenna systems for commercial aircraft and said it has worked with many of the leading IFEC companies since its founding in 2005.

“Our unparalleled technical expertise comes from 70+ years of collective airborne antenna system design, manufacturing, and service experience,” said Anderson Connectivity president Brian Anderson. “Following years of heavy IFEC investment, we are expanding our service business to support antenna maintenance, repair, and upgrades on a larger scale. By specializing in troubleshooting, repair, and test of IFEC antenna systems, we can cut the industry-accepted Turn Around Times for antenna system repairs in half at a price point that enables operators, integrators, and OEM’s improve margins.”

“One example of our expertise is that some antennas take 90 days to repair and cost $10,000 or more each. We can do quality work in 3-5 days at a fraction of the cost,” Anderson said. “We can extend the life cycle of airline investment in antennas – and even create a life cycle some didn’t know existed.”

The company said its experience included the involvement of founder Brian Anderson in the development and deployment of the first successful DBS live TV broadcast to a commercial airline (JetBlue Airways) in 2000.

Anderson Connectivity offers consultation, service & repair, design, development, testing, certification/qualification support, new system evaluation, existing system performance verification/optimization, as well as RF & antenna engineering services.

Posted on: 09 May 2019 by Kimberley Young

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